Our lawyers are highly experienced in consulting establishment of new businesses and enterprise restructure, including joint ventures, joint stock companies, limited liability companies, foreign invested companies, franchises, and representative/branch offices. We provide clients with following services:

  • Consult enterprise laws and legal status in details as well as rights, obligations and relations of enterprises in business activities and related specific laws.
  • Legal counsel on relationships of enterprises and economic groups, parent companies and subsidiaries; legal counsel on issues of governance, organization, management and control of internal disputes, review and evaluate legal status of enterprises.
  • Consult the scale, form, business lines, charter capital, and conditional business licenses. Draft and negotiate shareholder agreements, charters and contracts related to the establishment, restructure of enterprises and represent investors to complete administrative/legal procedures for establishment and restructure of enterprises.
  • Legal counsel on procedures after establishment, separation and merger of enterprises with the State agencies for enterprises to operate stably.
  • Legal counsel and represent investors to negotiate with partners on document content, issues related to company’s organizational structure, voting rights, powers and right control of the Board of Directors, etc.
  • Comprehensive legal counsel on transactions of shares purchase, capital contribution, capital transfer, split, merge, convert and reorganize enterprises, mergers and acquisitions (M & A).
  • Consult regulations restricted by laws in sectors/areas, analyze capabilities and prospects for success of transactions, to achieve approval of competent authorities for special deals related to transaction structure, transactions to change the control, company acquisitions, transactions with elements of projects and property assets of complicated target companies, legal manner to enforce taking-over and control, governance and management rights of target companies.
  • Consult, research, report legal appraisal of target enterprises in M & A transactions, plans, recommend solutions, roadmaps for legal transactions, identify and ask for performing duties, propose tax measures, asset and company property, contractual obligations, compliance with competition law, labor and complex legal risks arising from transactions. Draft and negotiate, evaluate and advise on the contents of transaction, contract negotiation documents and shareholder agreements. Perform administrative/legal procedures for the entire transaction and reorganize enterprises after transaction.
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