Tam Anh Law Firm is a company with enthusiastic and experienced lawyers established with the goal of putting the word TAM on top. We specialize in a number of areas such as foreign consulting, civil consulting, commercial, labor, marriage, family, intellectual property, especially foreign elements. . Join civil lawsuits and services. Business consulting lawyer.

We have a team of lawyers, senior specialists in foreign language information such as English, German, French, Russian and some other languages. Our lawyers and experts have worked for many years in a number of advisory mechanisms in Vietnam as well as many graduate students studying in advanced countries. In addition, we have a team of young and dynamic lawyers and professionals who are always searching and learning with the aim of maintaining Tam Anh Law Firm is always one of the leading companies in Vietnam.

We always answer all customer requests with the best quality of service, ensure absolute safety for all customers’ information. To bring satisfaction and legitimate benefits to customers is their success

Master –Lawyer
Vũ Thị Kiều Anh
20 years of experience in consulting, solving cases in court and consulting in business.
Master –Lawyer
Hoàng Tám Phi
Vice Director
Over 15 years of experience in handling criminal, civil and commercial business cases.
Master –Lawyer
Bùi Thị Xuân
Private Services Manager
20 years of experience specializing in resolving administrative and civil disputes.
Master – Expert
Hà Tú Cầu
Business Services Manager
15 years of experience specializing in resolving commercial disputes, corporate cases.
Ph.D – Expert
Đinh Thế Hưng
More than 20 years of experience specializing in litigation and civil cases, criminal cases.
Đỗ Phan Nam
10 years of experience in handling criminal and civil cases at all levels