TALAW  provides  full  range  of  intellectual  property  services  covering  patent, trademark, industrial design, copyright and domain name, enforcement and protection of  IP rights. Our consultancy has not only executed in Vietnam but also expanded to other countries worldwide. Our IP consultancy services includes:

1. Patent/Useful solutions

  • Provide patent searches.
  • Consult to submit the request on issuance of patents.
  • Draft patent descriptions
  • Make procedures of request submission of patent issuance
  • Procedures of issuance and maintaining validity of patents
  • Build up commercial exploitation strategies, modify and transfer patents.

2. Industrial Design

  • Search for industrial design information.
  • Prepare to submit the request on patents of industrial design (documents, detailed photographs)
  • Execute submission and response to letters concerning the request on patents
  • Procedures on issuance, remaining validity and revision of patents

3. Trademark

  • Consult strategies for trademark protection.
  • Manage trademark portfolios.
  • Provide trademark searching and monitoring services.
  • Submit trademark applications.
  • Protect trademark property right through administrative, customs and other procedures.
  • Consult trademark issues arising from commercial activities
  • Other issues related to trademark.
  • Transfer registration of domain name and other related issues.

4. Copyrights

  • Provide legal consultancy on issues concerning the protection of copyrights and related rights for domestic and foreign clients.
  • Search information related to copyright registration.
  • Consult and represent clients to make procedures of copyright registration.
  • Provide legal consultancy and represent clients to participate in negotiation and contract preparation of works usage and transfer and other types of contracts related to copyrights.
  • Make claims related to copyright certificate issuance
  • Consult and represent clients to register, maintain the domain name and webhosting.

5. Infringement treatment & Anti-counterfeit

  • Make claims about refusal to issue protection certificates for intellectual property objects.
  • Protest the request on issuance of protection certificates of industrial property objects.
  • Protest decisions on issuance of protection certificates of industrial property objects by the State authorities.
  • Ask the State authorities to appraise and conclude violation behaviours of intellectual property objects.
  • Ask infringers to stop their violations
  • Require the State authorities to have treatment of breaches
  • Participate in proceedings as lawyers protecting rights and benefits of clients related to intellectual property at compentent courts.
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